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Online course Introduction to R and Bulk RNAseq Data Analysis

The online course "Introduction to R and Bulk RNAseq Data Analysis" offers a comprehensive guide to learning how to use the R programming language to analyze bulk gene expression data obtained by RNA sequencing. This course is perfect for anyone interested in biological dataanalysis, including researchers, students, and biotechnology professionals.

 (Trainer: Andrea Conidi, PhD)

Course Content:

  • Introduction to R and working environment in RStudio
  • Data manipulation and visualization with R
  • Differential gene expression analysis
  • Principles and tools for bulk RNAseq data analysis
  • Interpretation of results and visualization of data Course Modalities:
  • Pre-recorded video lectures
  • Downloadable teaching materials
  • Guided practical exercises
  • Online forum for discussions and questions

Target audience:
Researchers, biology and bioinformatics students, and biotechnology professionals interested in bulk gene expression data analysis.

Certificate of completion issued upon completion of the course.

This online course provides a solid foundation for bulk gene expression data analysis using the Rprogramming language, enabling participants to  acquire skills essential for modern biological research.



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