Biotech Academy

in Rome

The Biotech Academy in Rome is a dynamic, forward-thinking institution that equips students and professionals with the skills, knowledge, and ethical principles to shape the future of biotechnology and positively impact the world. Through innovation, collaboration, and responsible research, this academy nurtures a generation of biotechnologists prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.
What we offer?
Biotech Academy in Rome offers a complete set of training courses that aim at:

Increasing the quality and quantity of skilled workforce

Filling the gap between Academia and Industry

  • Training held by international industry professionals
  • Training sessions in a real GMP dedicated facility
  • Hands-on courses
  • Online courses
  • Virtual Reality
  • Tailored training (Nucleic acids, mAbs, ATMP)
Our mission
Unique player in Europe offering comparable services
Potential to be a training hub at least for the LATAM and EMEA
Course space secured in real GMP facility
Tailored on client needs
Teachers are selected among industrial professionals with outstanding track record
Basic online/digital courses can be developed to attract new customers or address timing/scheduling needs of participants
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