Summer School 2023


Summer School 2023

Our Summer School provided a distinctive opportunity for participants to engage in learning, exploration, and networking in the beautiful city of Viterbo. Seasoned instructors and industry experts were on hand, guiding our students at every juncture, ensuring a truly transformative educational experience.

Practical qPCR Training Course:

Students delved into the fundamentals, mastered the intricacies of experimental setup, and honed their skills in analyzing real-time data. They gained valuable insights into the practical applications of qPCR and its profound significance across various domains within biotechnology, all under the expert tutelage of Saba Khan, Director at Tiger Team Lab.

Design of Experiment:

Participants unleashed their scientific creativity during our interactive Design of Experiment (DoE) session. They engaged in thought-provoking exercises that served to challenge their problem-solving prowess, enabling them to discover the art of optimizing experiments, analyzing variables, and attaining meaningful results. The session was expertly led by Ronan O’Kennedy, Owner of ROK Consulting.

Virtual Reality Gene Therapy Experience:

In an immersive experience powered by cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) technology, students embarked on a journey into a state-of-the-art Gene Therapy facility. Here, they witnessed firsthand the development and production of gene therapies, thus expanding their understanding of this groundbreaking field and its potential to revolutionize the field of medicine. Guiding them through this remarkable experience was Leonardo Sibilio, CEO of Biotech Academy in Rome.

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